First Things First, Album Cover

First Things First, Peter Valentine

Peter’s love for different styles of music, from African, to Latin-American, Arabic, Celtic, R&B, and Rock inspired the creation of his first solo album. In the words of Mark Shulman, guitarist for Suzanne Vega:
This album is beautiful...What a lovely song suite, so rich in harmony, melody and stylistic variation. The harmony and melody are so beautifully married to Tim [Valentine]’s words.

Listen to samplings of First Things First
1. According to the Whole | | |
2. Friendship | | |
3. High Horse | | |
4. The Vow | | |
5. Master and Musician | | |
6. First Things First | | |
7. Blue Angel | | |
8. Margaret's Mystic Pearl | | |
9. Be in the Beyond | | |

Songs of the Beloved, Album Cover

Songs of the Beloved, Valentine

Songs of the Beloved is an album inspired by the Gospel of John, detailing accounts of the ministry of Jesus. Intended to spread the Word through music, Peter and Tim Valentine combine rhythmic excitement with lush harmonies to create a modern sound from a variety of musical styles including Orchestral, Choral, Rock, R&B, World, and Country.

Listen to samplings of Songs of the Beloved
1. In The Beginning
2. Come Now And See
3. The First Sign
4. Born Again
5. Jacob's Well
6. Amen, Amen
7. Jesus Bent Down
8. I See
9. The Good Shepherd
10. He Shall Rise
11. What Of Love?
12. (Oh No) I Know Not Him
13. From The Cross
14. My Lord And My God
15. Simon, Son of John